Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Open Security Training (Cousera/Khan Academy Likes)

This precious, heavily documented training materials have been shared. With videos, codes and slides, I  strongly believe these are things that shouldn't be missed out!

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"In the spirit of OpenCourseWare and the Khan Academy, is dedicated to sharing training material for computer security classes, on any topic, that are at least one day long.
All material is licensed with an open license like CreativeCommons, allowing anyone to use the material however they see fit, so long as they share modified works back to the community.
We highly encourage people who already know these topic areas to take the provided material and pursue paid and unpaid teaching opportunities.
Those who can, teach."

 For malware related topics, the study paths has been lined out, for example:

Check all the titles here. Some materials (not including videos) are hundred MBs.. so prepare some spaces in your hard drive! :)

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