Friday, February 24, 2012

Paper accepted at UKSIM 2012, Cambridge, UK

My paper was submitted at UKSIM 2012, Cambridge, UK and was accepted
To quote, use to following BibTeX:
AUTHOR="Muhammad Najmi {Ahmad Zabidi}",
TITLE="Malware Analysis with Multiple Features",
BOOKTITLE="UKSim 14th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation,
UKSim2012 (UKSim2012)",
ADDRESS="Cambridge, United Kingdom",
KEYWORDS="malware, static analysis, feature selection",
ABSTRACT="Malware analysis process is being categorized into static analysis and
dynamic analysis. Both static and dynamic analysis have their own strengths
and weaknesses. In this paper, we present a tool written in Python
programming language called as pi-ngaji, which could assist the work of
malware analyst to get the static features of malware. pi-ngaji contains
several modules - Application Programming Interface (API) calls extractor,
binary entropy information, anti virtual machine and anti debugger detector
and XOR encrypted strings decryptor. pi-ngaji was developed in order to
assist our work in getting malware features. pi-ngaji is focusing on
ripping Microsoft Windows executable binaries' malicious features."

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