Friday, April 6, 2012

Done with UKSIM, now concentrate on the journal!

Alhamdulillah, I presented my work at UKSIM, and later the same slides was "recycled" for an informal group session at the Computer Laboratory(CL), William Gates Building. Among the persons that I noticed in the CL session was the person in charge (Wei), Rubin and Richard Clayton. (I also noticed a white bearded guy.. I think this professor) I was a little hesitate at first to go there since it is Cambridge, the top university in the world, while my work could be regarded as "premature". Nevertheless since it's informal, and Wei seems interested to see the talk so I took a bus from the nearest bus stop at the hotel and stop at the West Cambridge. A friend, Aeffendi Hashim is also working on his PhD at a building behind the William Gates' building, CAPE. 

Nice experience, especially in the Q & A where I felt like "grilled". But of course, I took the challenge, hope it worth, and helps me shape up my research works.

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